shoppers can save $1 if they opt to have their multi-item order ship in fewer packages that might take longer to arrive.

For the past year mass merchant Target Corp. has quietly been testing a checkout option that allows shoppers to choose to consolidate their online orders that include multiple products into fewer packages.

On the checkout page, a shopper can check a box to save $1 if she is willing to have the order ship in fewer packages. This could mean that the package will arrive later than it originally would. However, even if a shopper selects order consolidation, the order could still arrive in several packages if they are shipped from different locations, such as a store or warehouse.

Target says the orders will be consolidated “where possible” so it could still arrive in fewer packages even if it’s still not all in one box. For example, a shopper could have four items in her cart that would arrive in three different packages on three different days. After checking the box, Target can reduce the packages to two boxes on two days.

“Guest response has shown that many guests prefer a reduced number of deliveries, and that speed is not the only factor in a great online shopping experience,” a Target spokeswoman says. Target is still testing the option to gauge shopper reaction. It is not yet available in its app.

advertisement Inc. has had a similar option for years, in which shoppers can opt for slower shipping and receive $1 toward another Amazon service, such as streaming media or its fast delivery service Prime Now. In February, Amazon announced Amazon Day, which allows shoppers to select the day of the week to have their items delivered, making it easier to group deliveries together and sometimes in fewer packages.

Target is No. 17 Internet Retailer 2018 Top 1000, and Amazon is No. 1.