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Fulfillment & Delivery : Fulfillment and delivery include the steps required to transport a product from a warehouse shelf to a customer's doorstep. It includes the picking and packing process, shipping and final delivery.

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Online sales ignite in corners of the world late to the ecommerce revolution

In many countries, online shopping hadn’t been easy because of underdeveloped infrastructure and the reluctance, or inability, of consumers to use banks and electronic payment. That stalled growth in a lot of the world, but COVID-19’s disruption has forced rapid change.

Online holiday sales grow north of 45% in 2020

In a pandemic-fueled year, digital sales for November-December rose at more than triple the year-over-year rate for the 2019 season. More than $1 in $4 spent on retail purchases for the period came from online orders—an astounding jump in digital penetration.

Amazon keeps buying pricey jets after promising a drone fleet

Despite creating algorithms to anticipate shoppers’ needs and opening all those warehouses, Amazon can’t meet its one- and two-day shipping pledge to customers without an ever-expanding fleet of pricey jets. That reality has become clearer since the pandemic fueled a surge in online shopping.

UPS ranks No. 1 in on-time deliveries during the holiday season

Two data sources say the carrier had the highest percentage of packages delivered on time this November and December among the three biggest carriers. USPS picked up overflow packages other carriers wouldn't, which hurt its delivery times.

Pirates pilfer parcels from porches everywhere

City dwellers are only slightly more likely than residents of suburbs or rural areas to have their online orders stolen off their doorsteps. While an online retailer is not liable for goods stolen from a consumer’s home, shoppers often will seek a refund from their card company, prompting a chargeback demand. Some merchants replace the product as an act of goodwill.

Amware Fulfillment buys Moulton Logistics

Moulton brings Amware decades of experience in providing fulfillment technology and services for merchants involved in ecommerce and direct-response TV, enabling Amware to provide ground delivery within two days to 95% of the U.S. population, Amware says.

Drone-crowded skies get a step closer with US safety rules

It will still be years before swarms of drones operated by companies such as Inc.’s Prime Air, Alphabet Inc. offshoot Wing and United Parcel Service Inc. buzz over neighborhoods dropping off packages. But the new rules provide an important platform for the industry to move toward those goals.

Freightos launches 'freight-as-a-service' for online shippers

Freightos launches ‘freight-as-a-service’ for online shippers The online freight services company is making available on, and other ecommerce sites a service that lets online buyers choose and pay for freight services without leaving the website.