In some sense, the 2023 holiday season may be the most “normal” in years for online retailers.

The height of the pandemic is over. The shipping and supply chain crisis is under control. And inflation is starting to wane. There’s not even a November election to distract shoppers.

And that means opportunity for online retailers for the busiest — and most lucrative — time of year.

In the August Holiday Strategy Insights, “2023 Holiday Planning Report” Digital Commerce 360 digs into what online retailers are investing in. This report includes the following in-depth articles, written by Digital Commerce 360 editors:

  • “Keeping customers updated during the shipping process can make or break the experience” explains why more communication is always better around fulfillment as consumers increasingly expect accurate, regularly updated information on their online orders.
  • “Will AI take over customer service this holiday season?” Some retailers are ready to deploy generative artificial intelligence chatbots to help with customer service, while others say the technology may still have too many bugs.
  • “Retailers revisit return policies ahead of the holiday season” explains why retailers are implementing stricter return policies and increasing “final sale” policies for purchases.

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