In 2023, it takes more than a pretty website to wow an online shopper. The modern consumer wants a top-notch customer experience and will only shop with online retailers that provide it.

The 2023 November Strategy Insights reveals how retailers provide superior online customer journeys, what shoppers say makes a best-in-class shopping journey and what their top complaints are.

Plus, exclusive interviews with large merchants including The Home Depot, Sephora and 1-800-Flowers on how they provide a top customer experience with on-site video, overhauled loyalty programs or robust editorial content. And it’s not just large retailers that have the best customer experience. Smaller retailers also share results from their efforts to provide shoppers with a quality online shopping journey.

The November Strategy Insights features the following articles written by our editors:

  • Lights, camera, conversion: How some retailers use videos to entice shoppers to buy
  • Successful loyalty programs give consumers an incentive to spend more
  • INFOGRAPHIC: What consumers love, and don’t love, about online shopping
  • Retail blogs can deliver sales but only with a strategic plan
  • Retailers are building mobile websites to meet consumer demand for interactive features

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