Amazon Ecommerce Facts and Statistics

Amazon Ecommerce Facts & Statistics

By Farnia Ghavami  |  Updated June 2024

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Amazon's Total Ecommerce Revenue

How big is Amazon’s total ecommerce business?

Amazon is the largest* online retailer in the world with $412.1 billion in annual web sales up 10.5% from 2022. In 2023, Amazon grew its ecommerce business by $45.9 billion. That’s larger than the sum of Nordstrom’s (No. 21 in Top 1000) entire ecommerce revenue over the last decade. Amazon’s ecommerce business has grown over $109.1 billion since 2020 and has a 5-year CAGR of 18.0%.

*Excludes all online marketplaces and B2B companies such as Alibaba.

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Amazon's Online Store Revenue

Amazon’s first-party sales (online store)

How big is Amazon’s first-party sales business? If we split out Amazon’s online store sales, removing subscription services and its third-party seller fees, Amazon would still be the largest ecommerce player in the world by over $100 billion, as China’s is the second largest, excluding Alibaba. Those who follow closely can easily see the growing sectors of the ecommerce giant’s business. Its online store is not among them anymore. In fact, Amazon’s first-party sales are the slowest growing business arm within the past 4 years.


Amazon’s 3-Year CAGRs

Amazon’s Online Store Sales by Year

Amazon's Prime Membership Revenue

How big is Amazon Prime Membership revenue?

Amazon makes over $40 billion annually just from its subscription services. To put that into perspective, if Amazon sold nothing else — without a single first-party product on its site, and all it sold was subscription services — would rank as the third-largest online retailer in North America. That would still make it larger than Apple (No. 3) and Home Depot (No. 4). Moreover, even comparing it to the combined total revenues from Nike (No. 9), Costco (No. 6) and Chewy (No. 13), Amazon’s subscription services alone would still be greater than these ecommerce giants.

Amazon’s Subscription Revenue Year-Over-Year (Prime Membership)

Amazon Marketplace Breakdown

Amazon’s Total GMV by First-Party and Third-Party Sales by Year

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