Ecommerce technology is constantly evolving, introducing new features for sellers and buyers. To remain at the forefront of commerce and stay competitive, B2B and retail companies are investing in new e-commerce platforms. This Report will describe how these investments contribute to an enhanced customer experience.
The 2024 Latest Trends in Ecommerce Platforms Report delivers expert analysis of the current trends in B2B and B2C platform technology. It serves as a helpful guide for companies looking to launch or upgrade their ecommerce technology. Businesses know that in today’s digital age, having the right e-commerce platform is essential for their success.
Our exclusive Survey data sheds light on questions surrounding the recent rise of AI in ecommerce platforms. As AI features have been introduced, questions have emerged over whether it is just hype, if companies are implementing it effectively, and whether the use cases warrant significant investment.
This Report also includes 5 data-packed charts and survey findings on which platform technology businesses will most likely choose.

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