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Digital Commerce 360 Custom Research

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We can transform your vision into reality. With over 15 years of experience in retail and B2B ecommerce research, we have earned our reputation as an unparalleled source of objective intelligence and reliable data. Our research and editorial teams are highly skilled at crafting quality custom marketing and research projects that resonate with your target audience and help your business reach its goals. Whether you’re a retailer, manufacturer, distributor, service provider, consulting firm, or financial services firm, we create custom projects for companies of all sizes and industries.


Our Expertise

Our Custom Research Can Help You:

  • Benchmark your companies against the industry as a whole or
    specific competitors.
  • Capitalize on new opportunities by identifying trends and growth
  • Examine how leading e-retailers and market disrupters are utilizing
    technology to improve their business.
  • Make better investment decisions and complete necessary due

Custom Projects


Partner with Digital Commerce 360 to reach an expansive retail and B2B ecommerce audience through comprehensive custom marketing and research projects that resonate with your target audience.

Types of projects we specialize in, but are not limited to:

Thought Leadership & Internal or External Custom Reports

Our custom content programs are a compilation of articles, survey results, whitepapers, editors’ commentary and customer case studies. Custom projects include marketing, data analysis and design of digital reports. Our research and design teams are also equipped to create charts and infographics to provide a visual representation for your company.

Research & Data

Our expertise can create a wide range of custom research projects, including: proprietary data for your analysis, indepth written research reports, and data on how to break into a new market.


Engage an invested audience of online retailers in real-time with 3 turnkey formats to fit your strategy.

Case Studies

Technology Analysis
A leading e-commerce technology company commissioned Digital Commerce 360 Research to analyze how effectively (or not) the top online retailers are using on-site and off-site personalization tactics. Each Top 100 online retailer was scored, and this data was supplemented with a consumer survey, interviews with top online retailers and experts to produce a thought leadership report distributed to Digital Commerce 360 readers and the client to use for their own marketing initiatives.


Thought Leadership Research Program
A global leading Fortune 100 logistics company commissioned Digital Commerce 360 Research to develop a series of reports on topics ranging from holiday readiness, cross-border shipping, improving conversion rates, and success strategies of the mid-tier market leaders in e-commerce.  The research was based on data collected on the Top 1000 U.S. e-retailers, as well as consumer and retailer surveys, and interviews with online retail innovators and experts. The marketing program for each exclusive research project included dedicated emails to the Internet Retailer subscriber base and a webinar produced and managed by Internet Retailer to present the data.


Technology Validation and Market Penetration
Digital Commerce 360 Research was hired by an international technology company looking to penetrate the US market, but first needed to determine whether the US consumer would see their new software system as a benefit.  If it was determined that the US consumers benefited from the system, the company wanted to have an unbiased report written about the benefits and then Digital Commerce 360 would market the report to the retail community. The research data used to support the findings included “user experience” surveys of consumers.  The results were analyzed, conclusions shared with our client and the final report included the survey testing results, interviews with U.S. retailers on validation of the technology and interviews of current customers. The research project also included a marketing campaign and webinar.


Retail Category Analysis
A Fortune 100 pharmaceutical distributor commissioned Digital Commerce 360 Research to identify the top 1000 products being sold online within certain categories, and sales (in dollars and units) of each SKU, so the company could assess their own product mix and be sure it was selling the products most commonly purchased online. The research data helped compare top in-store selling products versus top online selling products.  Digital Commerce 360 supplied the raw data to the client for their own internal analysis.


A Roadmap to Global ecommerce
A multi-billion dollar international electrical components manufacturer new to the world of B2B ecommerce needed detailed market research and analysis in order to draft and refine its global ecommerce strategy. With Digital Commerce 360 as its custom research, data analysis and consulting partner, the big international manufacturer drafted a comprehensive plan for ecommerce that included objectives and priorities for technology, business, marketing and customer service. Digital Commerce 360 conducted detailed interviews with key internal stakeholders to help the manufacturer further refine its mission, strategy and timeline for global enterprise ecommerce. Digital Commerce 360 then conducted original market analysis, benchmarked key competitors and interviewed established best practice users both inside and outside the manufacturer’s key vertical market to help the manufacturer create its universal plan and execution timeline for consideration by the CEO and the company’s senior leadership team.


Identifying Opportunity in Worldwide ecommerce
One of the biggest global manufacturers of snow mobiles, all-terrain vehicles and related products needed global ecommerce business intelligence and market analysis to better focus its sales, marketing and business goals and objectives for worldwide ecommerce. Only Digital Commerce 360 had the data reporting expertise to help this global manufacturer conduct highly specific research and turn the research data into understandable market analysis for future growth online broken down by product and category market penetration for the U.S., North American and international ecommerce.

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