Global B2B Ecommerce Industry Awards

Celebrating Excellence in B2B Digital Commerce and Transformation

Digital Commerce 360 Events and the B2B eCommerce Association are excited to announce the launch of the first ever Global B2B eCommerce Industry Awards. This groundbreaking initiative will shine a spotlight on the game-changers who are redefining B2B commerce and digital transformation.

These inaugural Awards will recognize the efforts of pioneers in manufacturing and distributing. Every market has its doers and achievers, thought leaders and companies and people with the vision, drive and resources to change the very way an entire industry conducts business.

The $8 trillion B2B ecommerce market is no exception and that is why the B2B Ecommerce Association and Digital Commerce 360 are partnering to launch the inaugural Global B2B eCommerce Industry Awards.


Why should you enter?

Global platform: Compete on the world stage and have your B2B brilliance acknowledged by industry leaders

Highlight your success: Tell your story and inspire others with your cutting-edge innovations and exceptional results

Gain industry acclaim: Win a prestigious award that sets you apart as a pioneer in the ever-evolving B2B landscape

We’ve assembled a judging panel of renowned experts, each with a unique perspective, to guarantee a fair and comprehensive review process.

Entries open now! Submit your nomination by June 28, 2024, and join the celebration of B2B ecommerce excellence at our Webinar on August 22, 2024, hosted by Digital Commerce 360 and the B2B eCommerce Association.

Become a Sponsor of the Awards


For more information on becoming a Sponsor of the Awards, contact Dave Cappelli, Vice President, Sales & Product Development.


  • Enterprise B2B eCommerce Manufacturer of the Year
  • Enterprise B2B eCommerce Distributor of the Year
  • Mid-Market B2B ecommerce Manufacturer of the Year
  • Mid-Market B2B ecommerce Distributor of the Year
  • Best Newcomer Award
  • B2B Marketplace of the Year
  • B2B eCommerce Leader of the Year


Ready to nominate? 

Join us on August 22nd at the B2B Awards Webinar when we announce the winners!

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