Internet Retailer ranks, profiles and analyzes the world's 75 largest online marketplaces, which collectively account for more than 90% of global marketplace sales. The new database ranks these marketplaces by their projected 2017 third-party gross merchandise volume and includes key financial, performance and corporate metrics on each marketplace. This infographic analyzes some key findings from Internet Retailer's research.

This exclusive data and analysis of online marketplaces is offered in two forms: analysis report and an online database.

The 53-page 2018 Online Marketplaces Report includes:

  • Growth analysis of the top 75 online marketplaces
  • 2017 gross merchandise value (GMV) and growth of the top 15 global marketplaces
  • Key data on the top 11 U.S.-based marketplaces, including 2017 GMV, growth, number of sellers and number of SKUs available online
  • Data on Inc. and eBay Inc.’s market share in the U.S. for the last five years
  • Shopper demographic data on top U.S. marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay and Walmart Inc.
  • 2017 GMV and growth of the top 10 global apparel-focused marketplaces
  • Data on how much funding marketplaces have raised
  • Strategies behind why retailers launch their own marketplaces
  • Tips for marketplace sellers

Upgrade to the exclusive Online Marketplaces Database and you get the 2018 Online Marketplaces Report included for no extra charge. It is available in two membership tiers: Basic Plus, priced at $495 per year, and a more inclusive Pro version for corporate clients wanting multiple user licenses, more extensive data and data download capabilities. Its price depends on the parameters of the order (See the link below to obtain quotes).

For each ranked marketplace, both versions include:

  • Rankings of the 75 largest online marketplaces in the world based on the projected general merchandise value (GMV) of goods sold on their platforms by third-party retailers in 2017
  • The projected GMV sales range and 2017 growth rates of all products sold by the marketplace, including those of third parties and those of the operator of the marketplace
  • Key operating metrics, including web traffic (total and by source), number of third-party sellers, number of SKUs and primary merchandise category
  • A breakdown of shopper demographics
  • Valuable corporate information, including the amount of outside funding raised, the type of business model used and the name and headquarters address of the marketplace owner
  • Company profiles on each marketplace owner

The Pro version of the Online Marketplaces Database contains additional high-level data on each marketplace not included in the Basic Plus version and more extensive usage of the data. Pro includes:

  • Exact projections of 2017 and 2016 GMV sales, broken down between online sales generated by third-party retailers and those of the owner of the marketplace (3P vs. 1P)
  • Latest conversion rates
  • Latest average tickets
  • Corporate-wide licensing rights
  • The ability to download key data for use in internal reports