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Artificial Intelligence : Artificial intelligence is machine-based technology that takes the place of human interaction.

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What have the top ecommerce technology vendors been up to?

And how are those vendors helping online retailers? The 2021 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 Report explores just that. It also ranks the Top 10 vendors based on their number of clients in the Digital Commerce 360 Top 1000 across 24 vendor categories, uncovers exclusive results from a Digital Commerce 360 technology survey of e-retailers and much more.

5 ways to boost conversion rates through personalization

With the proper 'guard rails' in place to help steer online shoppers to the right products more quickly, the share of site visits that end in a sale can increase tenfold, experts say. Here are five best practices for retailers that want to get it right.

How personalization helps Lamps Plus see the light

After personalizing its site content and promotions for different groups of shoppers, home goods retailer Lamps Plus saw a double-digit surge in conversion rate.