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Elements to a Successful Ecommerce Data Strategy

Join conDati COO and co-founder Linh Ho as she shares her perspective on 2020 and what marketing and ecommerce leaders should focus on in 2021.


More News & Analysis boosts conversion with upgraded site search

The online plants retailer upgraded its site search thanks to Searchspring, which added autocomplete and visual search. The new search tools produced an immediate uptick in conversion. Shoppers were six times more likely to convert when using the enhanced search functions.

Retailers pivot to adjust to the pandemic

The world has been upended with the coronavirus—and that includes retail. Here are some examples of how retailers are adapting their businesses to survive—and thrive—during the pandemic.

Online sales ignite in corners of the world late to the ecommerce revolution

In many countries, online shopping hadn’t been easy because of underdeveloped infrastructure and the reluctance, or inability, of consumers to use banks and electronic payment. That stalled growth in a lot of the world, but COVID-19’s disruption has forced rapid change.

Personalized videos bring high-touch customer service online

The Candle Lab taps its personable store employees to produce personalized shipping confirmation videos. The small business never thought shoppers would buy its products online, but the pandemic-driven online sales boom proved it wrong.