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Digital pioneer Protolabs buys the 3D Hubs global platform

Protolabs, a provider of digital manufacturing services it sells through ecommerce, has completed its $280 million acquisition of 3D Hubs Inc., an online platform for a global network of manufacturers. Above: Protolabs CNC machines.

Ecommerce sales show a sharp gain at Fastenal

The distributor of industrial and construction products said average daily ecommerce sales rose year over year by 38.3% in the fourth quarter of last year, as total net sales for the quarter increased by 6.4% year over year to $1.36 billion, the company said Wednesday.

B2B marketing in 2021: Targeted outreach and stories on video

Rather than targeting all potential customers without paying heed to their individual requirements, B2B marketers today need to know individual customers and tailor their outreach strategies according to their needs and expectations. This is what account-based marketing is all about, writes Mohammad Tareeq of Valasys Media.

The most important benchmark for Amazon sellers

Many B2B as well as retail sellers will learn the hard way that building a profitable business on Amazon requires more than simply listing items and waiting for sales, writes Ryan Faist of Channel Key. He offers a blueprint for making sales happen.