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B2B Ecommerce : B2B ecommerce includes internet-based sales transactions among manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

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Global Industrial runs with a timely new brand message

As it approaches $1 billion in sales and deals with the ongoing impact of the pandemic, the distributor’s new branding tag line—“We Can Supply That”—coincides with the company’s desire to make its B2B ecommerce site “more welcoming” to customers during the pandemic and beyond, CEO Barry Litwin says. Above: A Global Industrial branded factory floor scrubber.

Ecommerce speeds up growth for WD-40 Company

As its fastest-growing channel, ecommerce is helping to drive double-digit increases in sales for the provider of industrial and residential lubricants, cleansers and other maintenance products in the United States and in several overseas markets, the company said last week.

An ecommerce bright spot at MSC Industrial Supply

Although ecommerce sales declined by 6% in the fiscal quarter ended Nov. 28, they inched up as a percentage of total sales as MSC improved on its revenue declines of the prior quarter.

A review of 7 functionally innovative B2B ecommerce sites

Engaging online B2B buyers with helpful website features requires a good mix of innovation and practical designs. Lori McDonald of Brilliance Business Solutions offers seven examples of B2B online sellers that get it right.

How B2B companies met the challenges of 2020

We serve up 30-plus stories and commentaries on manufacturers' and distributors' growth strategies and how they adjusted to COVID-19 and new challenges and opportunities to prepare for 2021.

Amware Fulfillment buys Moulton Logistics

Moulton brings Amware decades of experience in providing fulfillment technology and services for merchants involved in ecommerce and direct-response TV, enabling Amware to provide ground delivery within two days to 95% of the U.S. population, Amware says.