Digital Commerce 360’s November B2B Strategy Insights, Standing Out in the B2B Crowd, explores how B2B companies are keeping digital transformation moving forward despite a softer economy.

To stand out and engage channel partners and customers, B2B companies must deploy the right mix of digital technology and strategies — from back-end ERP to the ecommerce engine and customer-facing interfaces. We cover the role of AI and other techniques successful companies use to excel at serving customers, operations, new market opportunities, and growing sales.

BONUS: B2B Ecommerce Index Update, our YEAR-END growth report on B2B ecommerce markets and trends.

This month’s coverage includes:

  • Case Studies on Doc Lane’s Veterinary Pharmacy, eBay and
  • Charts that detail manufacturers and distributors growth by month, 2022 vs 2023
  • A special focus on American Bath Group’s use of AI in developing and rolling out new content coding

Compliments of: Human Element, TreviPay, Blue Yonder, Bloomreach, Intershop, Phase Zero

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