The 2020 Digital Commerce 360 Europe 500 is a ranking of the largest online retailers based in Europe. As a group, the 500 retailers grew ecommerce sales nearly 17% to $218 billion. Here’s some key data of the top European ecommerce retailers.

1. The 500 largest online retailers in Europe grew 16.9% online in 2019.

The Europe 500, a ranking of the largest online retailers in the region based on 2019 web sales, collectively sold $218.69 billion online last year, up 16.9% from $187.12 billion in 2018. Median web growth of the Europe 500 was 15.0%.

Comparatively, the Top 500 online retailers in North America collectively grew 16.4% to $636.08 billion in 2019. Median web growth of the Top 500 North American retailers was 16.9% last year.

2. The No. 1 European online retailer is Otto Group.

German fashion retailer Otto Group topped the Europe 500 rankings in this edition, with 2019 web sales of $9.11 billion. The company operates 23 retail websites, including its flagship apparel site and North American furniture retail chain Crate & Barrel. Looking at all of Otto Group’s retail sites, 57% of the combined total retail sales were ecommerce transactions. The remaining 43% includes sales from physical stores and catalogs.


Another German apparel retailer cracks the top five. Web-only Zalando SE grew 17.5% in 2019 to hit $6.47 billion in ecommerce sales.

3. Russian retailer Ozon is the fastest-growing online retailer in Europe.

Russian online-only mass merchant retailer Ozon, ranked No. 39, grew 93.0% to $1.29 billion in 2019. In fact, the top five fastest-growing online retailers in Europe are all Russian-based retailers. Each of the five fastest growers grew online sales more than 70%, far outpacing the 16.9% growth of the Europe 500.

In Russia, ecommerce grew 26% in 2019, according to a research report from tech company Yandex.Checkout. Ecommerce started ramping up in 2015, “as online shopping has become more available and reliable within both online marketplaces and bricks-and-mortar stores expanding into the online sector,” the report says. From 2015 – 2018, ecommerce grew 50%, according to Yandex.Checkout.

4. Housewares and home furnishings online retailers are growing the fastest in Europe.

The 39 housewares and home furnishings retailers ranked in the Europe 500 grew 25.8% to $8.29 billion in 2019. This is the fastest-growing category among the 14 merchandise categories Digital Commerce 360 tracks.


5. Europe 500 retailers’ sales to U.S. consumers hit $15.97 billion in 2019.

158 of the Europe 500 sold merchandise to U.S. consumers, according to Digital Commerce 360 data. In 2019, sales to U.S. consumers hit $15.97 billion. Otto Group, beauty retailer LVMH and sportswear brand adidas sold the most in the U.S.


This data is mined from the just-released 2020 Digital Commerce 360 Europe database, which ranks the largest European retailers by ecommerce sales. Purchase the database here