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Nearly 90% of Gen Z say online shopping will improve using AI for product selection, price comparisons and more in a new survey.

Gen Z consumers say they have high hopes for artificial intelligence and its uses in online shopping, according to a new survey. 88% of Gen Z consumers say they believe AI will improve online shopping, according to a survey from ecommerce software company Rokt of 6,023 consumers in May 2023. 

“Brands and retailers across categories are scrambling to identify how they can best use AI to elevate their ecommerce customer experience and drive revenue,” Elizabeth Buchanan, chief commercial officer at Rokt, said in a press release. “This research provides decision makers with a roadmap for creating new strategies and implementing advanced tech, such as AI, to significantly help improve the online shopping experience in ways that will surprise and delight shoppers.”

55% of Gen Z consumers in the survey also said they were interested in an AI assistant that could make finding new products simpler. 51% said they would try shopping in augmented reality and virtual reality. 

Gen Z survey respondents also said AI could be used in other ways:

  • Compare prices (47%)
  • Find deals (45%)
  • Receive relevant offers and product suggestions (41%)
  • Receive personalized assistance (37%)
  • Find reviews (28%)

How will AI change online shopping?

Retailers are already implementing AI to save on costs and improve customer experiences. 

For example, men’s grooming DTC retailer Huron uses AI to automate bookkeeping services. Huron uses AI vendor Finaloop to track revenue across its multiple sales channels and manage inventory.


Online electronics retailer Newegg Commerce Inc. is also implementing AI, but in a way that more directly impacts consumers. The retailer uses generative AI to summarize common points that come up in customer reviews in “Review Bytes.” As of September, 20% of SKUs have AI-generated summaries. 

Google recently released a new AI tool that lets consumers virtually try on clothes. Several brands from Digital Commerce 360’s Top 1000 online retailers in the U.S. are already compatible with Google’s tool. Consumers can try on clothes from Anthropologie (part of Urban Outfitters Inc., No. 30), Everlane Inc. (No. 271), H&M, and Loft (part of Ascena Retail Group, No. 33). The tool can also suggest specific products based on customer preferences like color and price across brands. 

However, some retailers are more cautious about the changing technology. Dean McElwee, director, global ecommerce collaboration at The Stanley Black & Decker Company, recently told Digital Commerce 360 why generative AI is “still immature” and not ready to be implemented just yet.


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