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Top 1000 retailers add site features to aid the shopper experience

The just-released 2020 Web Design & Customer Experience Report looks at the state of ecommerce web features and how they enhance the customer experience. The report includes new insights into the web design and features retailers are using, the online shopping innovations many are making, and consumer perception of website functionality while shopping online.

How cosmetics retailers in 2020 boost online sales with the aid of web tools

2020 proved to many retailers that they couldn’t rely solely on physical stores, which meant they had to find new ways to offer the store experience online. Cosmetics retailers adapted quickly by adding, upgrading and investing in web tools to help shoppers feel more comfortable making beauty purchases online. The just-released 2020 Online Cosmetics Report offers an in-depth analysis of the top retailers selling cosmetics, skin care and hair care products online, as well as trends in the category and consumer insights.

Augmented reality boosts conversion for Home Depot

The home improvement retailer added augmented reality capabilities to its app and mobile web before the pandemic. The feature helps lift engagement and conversion as consumers spend more time shopping on their phones.