BBQGuys shoppers like the convenience of shopping via their mobile devices and in-home services — and working with sales reps directly.

Mobile traffic is growing for BBQGuys, a retailer of freestanding grills and outdoor accessories, likely because they find it easy to complete their purchase on their smartphone, says Russ Wheeler, CEO. BBQGuys shoppers also want the convenience of in-home services, Wheeler says.

About 75% of shoppers searching for freestanding grills or outdoor accessories from BBQGuys do so from their mobile devices, Wheeler says. “So we want to make sure they have a great mobile experience,” he says.

“Conversions online are growing for us,” Wheeler says. “Customers are coming back to us because they want a new tool set, or they’re buying other items after their initial purchase.”

Shoppers are using their mobile devices to shop online for home goods, according to a Digital Commerce 360 and Bizrate Insights home goods survey of 1,113 shoppers conducted April 2022. 46% of respondents said they use their mobile device while researching and purchasing home goods. ranks No. 243 in the Top 1000, Digital Commerce 360’s database of the largest North American e-retailers by web sales.




In-home services are an opportunity for BBQGuys

Home services are supplemental services that support a customer’s online purchase. The retailer or a third party can supply the services, such as in-home installation and assembly, in-home product repair, in-home tech support and other product support services completed at the customer’s residence.


Of the 114 home goods retailers listed in the Digital Commerce Top 1000, 36 offer in-home services.

Areas where longer lead times remain in 2022 include assembly services, Wheeler says.

“We try to help our customers find good professionals that can help them complete their outdoor space. But it’s backed up,” Wheeler says. “In-home services is a huge opportunity for everyone in the home goods sector.”

The retailer partnered with Handy, an in-home assembly services company, to offer “white-glove” service to customers. Handy charges BBQGuys customers $99 to assemble items like free-standing grills. Wheeler says plans are in the works to establish an in-home services option for its more involved outdoor kitchen/patio-area set-ups.


“We’re looking at piloting a white-glove service really soon that would apply to the heavier lift-type kitchen set ups,” Wheeler says. “We’re looking at how to connect with contractors or even a referral program we can refer contractors to as well.”


Customers spend more when working with BBQGuys sales reps

Average order value for BBQGuys’ higher priced items is approximately $900, Wheeler says. Plus its AOV increases when shoppers interact with a BBQGuys sales representative.

“That amount doubles for customers working with a sales representative,” he adds. “And customers working with recommended local professional installers’ [for customized orders], AOV is about $5,000.


“People want to bring indoor living spaces outside, and that’s where we’re seeing the opportunity,” Wheeler says.

Wheeler anticipates that demand will continue through the end of 2022.

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