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Collaboration between the two vendors is designed to help B2B companies selling through the Salesforce Commerce Cloud ecommerce platform to also reach buyers via procurement or ERP software.

TradeCentric specializes in helping B2B companies boost sales and customer experience by supporting connected commerce through procurement software punchout to their preferred suppliers’ ecommerce sites and integration with enterprise resource planning software for purchase order and invoice automation.

Now, it has updated how its technology integrates with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud ecommerce platform. The updates were designed to let online sellers using Salesforce Commerce Cloud connect with buyers who want to purchase products through their procurement or ERP software system.

TradeCentric, formerly known as PunchOut2Go, recently updated its TradeCentric for Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning application available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Lightning is Salesforce’s app development platform. Salesforce says companies can “use Lightning functionality with the B2B Commerce license to build self-service stores and enable retailers, wholesalers, and distributors to purchase goods and services from your brand.”

TradeCentric says the updates “will enable Salesforce Commerce Cloud users to easily connect with B2B buyers on any leading procurement solution or ERP system to drive ecommerce sales.” It adds that TradeCentric for Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning now supports shopping cart editing, active order protection, enhanced data, and Level 2 punchout for accessing more product details.

Moving ahead with connected commerce


Elizabeth Segovia, CEO, TradeCentric

“As we continue to collaboratively work with Salesforce, TradeCentric remains dedicated to innovation,” says TradeCentric CEO Elizabeth Segovia. “These recent enhancements are a testament to our commitment to providing cutting-edge B2B connected commerce solutions.”

Andy Peebler, vice president of product strategy and Ecosystem Commerce Cloud at Salesforce, says the new technology integration with TradeCentric addresses today’s market demand for aligned channel data.

“Modern B2B commerce requires seamless alignment between catalog data and procurement,” he says. “This integration with TradeCentric is helping make some of these features more plug-and-play for our customers. Together, we’re committed to simplifying processes and ensuring an unparalleled user experience.”


Following are more details up the updated TradeCentric for Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning:

  • Level 2 punchout: Buyers can access and view desired product details in Salesforce from their procurement system, ensuring a straightforward and user-friendly experience.
  • Edit-cart support: Users can reactivate and edit their cart in Salesforce B2B Commerce by selecting the “Edit Cart” button within their procurement system.
  • Enhanced data in Salesforce B2B Commerce:The connector supports suppliers seeking to integrate an invoice solution into their TradeCentric program, facilitating invoice enrichment from purchase orders.
  • “Order Summary” display: Salesforce B2B Commerce now features the “Order Summary” on purchase orders generated by TradeCentric.
  • Custom Data Retrieval: Custom data points from the product, cart, and cart item objects are retrievable alongside the buyer’s cart.
  • Flexible punchout options: Merchants can decide if punchout updates buyer data immediately or if they prefer to keep existing data unchanged (for example, updating a saved phone number when a buyer Punches Out with a new one).

Paul Demery is a Digital Commerce 360 contributing editor covering B2B digital commerce technology and strategy. [email protected].

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