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Dealing digitally with COVID’s long-term business changes

As companies operate with tighter technology spending budgets while also seeking to further digitally transform their operations, technology suppliers need to expand offerings like product trials, giving customers greater insight into exactly how a new product will integrate with existing infrastructure, Sharon Ruddock of SAP Digital Commerce writes.

Businesses increase their technology procurement

Businesses are adjusting to the “new normal” and spending more through e-procurement on technology and services that support remote work environments, according to the Coupa Business Spend Index.

Why these apparel buyers prefer an online marketplace

Merchandise buyers like Cristina Wilson of clothing retailer Ooh La Luxe and Brooke Howerton of The Paisely Heart discuss why they are purchasing through the FashionGO online marketplace, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Above: Howerton (holding a T) and the staff of The Paisely Heart.

Coupa Software buys supply chain tech firm Llamasoft

The $1.5 billion deal brings Llamasoft’s expertise in supply chain technology embedded with artificial intelligence to Coupa’s suite of clould-based procurement and spend management software.

How digital procurement balances a business’s competing needs

An effective digital procurement system can help manage multiple organizational goals, including tracking company-wide spending in a decentralized system that authorizes purchasing by a large staff, writes Dave Brittain, director of Amazon Business UK & Ireland.

Businesses hunker down and speed up online repeat buying

Repeat digital business is big business for B2B buyers and sellers. In a pandemic-impacted economy where the ecommerce channel is becoming increasingly important as a way to keep corporate procurement flowing, nearly 80% of B2B buyers now make 25% or more of their digital orders as repeat purchases, according to a DC360 B2B survey.

Online stores level the playing field in government procurement—Part 2

In this second part of a three-part series on government procurement exclusive to Digital Commerce 360 B2B, Anne Rung, director of public sector for Amazon Business, discusses how small businesses can streamline complex and inefficient processes through online stores to overcome “longstanding and complex government processes” that she says inhibit small businesses from successfully competing and growing within the government market segment.

Pentagon contract battle: Oracle loses court appeal

Business software supplier Oracle lost a court appeal this week in a battle over a $10 billion Pentagon cloud-computing contract. Although Amazon had been the expected contract winner, the deal went to Microsoft. Above: Oracle's headquarters campus in Redwood City, Calif.