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B2B ecommerce buyers do their homework before making an online purchase. But once they do commit, they place more frequent orders online.

As the year comes to a close, B2B sellers can look back at a successful 2023 keeping their digital business buyers happy. But only to a point.

85% of all buyers graded their experience on a B2B ecommerce platform as excellent or good, according to a survey of 150 buyers who took part in the 2023 B2B Buyer survey from Digital Commerce 360 and Forrester.

Yet the fact that only slightly over one-third of B2B buyers (36%) graded their B2B ecommerce site experience as excellent is telling. Namely, it speaks volumes about how much work most B2B buyers still must do to meet the big user expectations of the increasingly digital-first customer base. B2B ecommerce buyers do their homework before making an online purchase. But once they do commit, B2B buyers are placing more frequent orders online, according to the Digital Commerce 360 and Forrester Research data.

Understanding trends among B2B ecommerce buyers

Just over 50% of B2B buyers make a digital purchase of a good or service for their organization daily, the survey found. That includes one-third, 32%, who make a business purchase at least several times per day. In comparison, 23% of survey respondents make weekly purchases. Meanwhile, 17% do so every 30 days.


B2B buyers also do their homework before ordering online. For example, 57% of B2B buyers list a manufacturer’s ecommerce site as their first choice, compared with consumer site (45%), Amazon Business (43%), search engine (40%) and distributor ecommerce site (33%).

For many buyers, a better user experience means the seller’s ecommerce site has the products, pricing, and related product selections they need to make an informed purchasing decision and then the ecommerce and order management tools to make placing the order fast, easy, and convenient.

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