Amazon shoppers looked up "valentines day decor" 2.2 million times in January, up 51% year over year.

Searches for “valentines day decor” increased 51% year over year in January 2023. Searches grew to 2.2 million, making it the most popular search, according to Similarweb Shopper Intelligence data.

“Valentines day gifts” was the next most popular search with 1.7 million. That’s up 74% year over year, according to Similarweb data.

Valentine’s Day-related searches on took the No. 1, No. 4 and No. 11 spots in January, according to Similarweb estimates. Lingerie for women made it into the top 15 product searches as well, which Similarweb said might have Valentine’s Day implications. These rankings are based on a Similarweb Shopper Intelligence analysis of traffic to the main website for the U.S.

A beard oil gift set was the most popular “valentines day gifts” product, according to Similarweb. It captured 5.6% share of search clicks — 44,600. Next was a holiday assortment “care package” gift set, according to Similarweb, with 4% share (33,000 clicks).

However, not all the most popular Amazon searches were for Valentine’s Day items. Apple Watch and iPhone accessories were also high on the list of searches in January 2023. Additionally, searches for “crocs” and “workout sets for women” more than doubled year over year.

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Leading up to Valentine’s Day: Top five Amazon product searches in January 

According to Similarweb, the most popular products when shoppers searched “valentines day gifts” were:

  1. Beard oil five pack from XIKEZAN Store (44,629 clicks; 5.61% share)
  2. Valentine’s Day care package from Cravebox (33,121 clicks; 4.16% share)
  3. Rose bear with box and artificial flowers from DeckTheHalls (19,484 clicks; 2.45% share)
  4. Personalize acrylic photo keychain under Generic (19,092 clicks; 2.40% share)
  5. Valentine’s Day gifts for her him capsule from COVLUROTO (14,167 clicks; 1.78% share)

Reese’s miniatures and hearts and Avidlove lingerie for women each had more than 11,300 clicks and took 1.43% share of product searches. 

Although not necessarily tied to Valentine’s Day, other popular Amazon product searches in January were for desks, water bottles, Squishmallows and laptops, according to Similarweb.

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