The manufacturer says its new B2B ecommerce platform will help it sell “highly complex and configurable products” across more than 100 markets worldwide.

American Orthodontics manufactures orthodontic products and peripherals for more than 25,000 customers in more than 110 countries. It wanted to ensure an efficient and accurate ordering process for its complex and regulated products across multiple channels. To do so, the company recently relaunched its B2B ecommerce site, AO Direct.

Peter Drozda, American Orthodontics

Peter Drozda, business operations manager, American Orthodontics

“The efficiency factor was especially important to support our continued growth,” says Peter Drozda, business operations manager at American Orthodontics. “We are selling complex products to demanding customers, and we need to ensure that the right product is ordered for the right purpose, without having to review every order.”

AO Direct B2B launch

The company’s new AO Direct B2B ecommerce site, he adds, was designed to ensure accurate product configuration and pricing and ordering through multiple channels. The channels include self-service ecommerce, punchout applications that connect a customer’s procurement software with AO Direct, and electronic data interchange. In addition, AO Direct supports the manufacturer’s sales and customer service agents with tools to onboard new customers. It also assists them through the buying process.

“Our new site ensures these requirements are met whether the customer is served from the ecommerce solution, punch-out, or EDI,” Drozda says.


The new AO Direct ecommerce site runs on ecommerce and content management technology from Optimizely Inc. and integrates with the manufacturer’s Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. American Orthodontics retained digital agency Avensia to deploy the new ecommerce platform.

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