The new On-Site Service makes available a network of more than 1,000 technology service professionals to complement the sale of medical equipment sold on the marketplace.

Already heavily into ecommerce offering millions of medical equipment parts online to thousands of hospitals, PartsSource is expanding its reach by also offering access on its website to more than 1,000 repair technicians.

This visibility is what hospitals need to increase awareness of opportunities to support internal capabilities and equipment uptime.
Jon Kocurek, director of clinical engineering

Philip Settimi, president and CEO, PartsSource

The new PartsSource On-Site Service grew out of feedback from customers who have been asking for repair and maintenance services to complement the company’s online supply of millions of medical equipment parts, says Philip Settimi, president and CEO.

“The launch of PartsSource On-Site Service represents the culmination of years of work responding to a simple question posed by our customers: ‘If you can bring us multiple options, in multiple conditions, across multiple vendors for parts, using the best clinical evidence, can you do the same for us in service?’ It turns out we can, and we have,” says Settimi, who is also a medical doctor.

Jon Kocurek, director of clinical engineering at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, a hospital system based in Lebanon, New Hampshire, says the ability to procure services as well as parts and equipment on the same ecommerce site helps his staff operate more efficiently. “This visibility is what hospitals need to increase awareness of opportunities to support internal capabilities and equipment uptime.”


PartsSource says services available through include same-day or next-day repair and preventive maintenance for imaging equipment, such as X-Ray and CT scan machines, and biomedical products such as patient-monitoring and respiratory equipment. It also provides access to ongoing technical support for large equipment installation projects. PartsSource adds that it put together a network of service technicians by working with original equipment manufacturers, independent technology service providers and technology engineers from its supply chain network.

The company says it is helping to fill a void in the availability of service personnel and cites a report from the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation that estimates a shortage of “at least 5,000” biomedical and imaging equipment technicians.

PartsSource says customers on its ecommerce site can request a quote for service in “less than 60 seconds” and integrate field service reports within their enterprise resource planning and computerized maintenance management systems. The company says the On-Site Service runs on’s own patented Precision Procurement software system.

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