The advertising tool, though still in beta, provides effective ways to track how advertising placed outside of helps to drive sales on Amazon, Jake Schwarzbaum of Velocity Sellers writes.

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Jake Schwarzbaum

Amazon Attribution, a new ad-tracking tool from Inc., has been getting a lot of buzz recently in the marketing and advertising sector. Even though the software is still in beta, it has already become highly acclaimed. Amazon Attribution tracks the effectiveness of various types of advertising used by Amazon sellers, including social media posts, search engine advertising campaigns and email marketing. It also tracks the efficacy of any other source that uses a link to direct traffic to and Amazon Business.

Amazon Attribution tracks the effectiveness of a wide variety of different ads on search, social, video, display and email.

There are three main reasons why Amazon Attribution has become popular. It allows the measurement of advertising effectiveness of various marketing channels in a more easily understandable way. It allows simple on-demand attribution reporting. Finally, the program also gives campaign managers in-depth, current data to allow them to tweak active campaigns and more effectively plan future campaigns.

Measuring the advertising effect of various channels

Amazon Attribution is the only tracking program that allows you to see how effective advertisements on off-Amazon platforms are at driving sales on Amazon. This is a feature that Amazon vendors and sellers have clamored for over the years, and Attribution is the only program that offers it.

Amazon Attribution can measure the impact and track the effectiveness of a wide variety of different ads on search, social, video, display and email. In short, Amazon Attribution works with every significant type of ad in today’s internet advertising sector.


Another advantageous feature of Amazon Attribution is its attribution reporting. Sellers can access this on-demand, though they cannot interrupt or tweak campaigns that are already in process. For a campaign to succeed in the increasingly competitive and over-saturated digital advertising landscape of today, these constant small tweaks are often vital. Other programs allow tweaking active campaigns, of course, but the various features and in-depth data of Amazon Attribution make working with active campaigns easier and more effective.

Data helps to plan campaigns on Amazon Business

Amazon Attribution offers in-depth, customized data that will help you plan future campaigns as well. Attribution allows you to review the performance of each advertising channel in minute detail. The program also allows you to review the audiences that you’re reaching with your campaigns via a different advertisement platform, thus letting you know if you are reaching your target audience. Sellers should be aware that this data is not necessarily tied to purchases unless they’ve segmented the details at the campaign level. The combination of these two streams of valuable data will allow you to plan future campaigns effectively.

If you’re working in Amazon Business, Attribution works the same way as it does on One major differentiator for B2B marketing is the ease at which you can obtain business email lists and data compared to customers. A strategy that I recommend trying is to buy business email lists and use the Attribution program to track performance. Building a business customer base will be important to your online growth as businesses often create recurring purchases. With Amazon Business’s growth on the rise, it would be wise to invest in the platform now.

Jake Schwarzbaum is the co-founder of Velocity Sellers, which helps companies sell through Amazon and other online marketplaces. Follow him on LinkedIn