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Amazon’s Parler removal shows cloud unit’s rarely used power

Parler went offline late Sunday after Amazon Web Services suspended its account, a potentially crippling blow for the social media site favored by right-wing extremists. Some extremists used the site to advocate violence ahead of last week’s riot at the U.S. Capitol. Parler responded by suing Amazon for ending the web hosting service.

How the right teams can unlock the value of ecommerce data

Online sellers face both a challenge and an opportunity to manage the flood of data from ecommerce—and figure out how to put it to use in building customer loyalty and growth in sales. The top executives in charge of managing information and marketing must work together to make that happen, writes Grace Liu of Seagate Technology.

Digital advertising keeps growing during the coronavirus pandemic

Digital advertising continues to take a larger market share in the U.S. ad market. Analysts at Canaccord Genuity expect digital market share to grow at a low to mid-teen compound annual growth rate for the period starting in 2018 and ending in 2022. Meanwhile, a Digital Commerce 360 survey finds most retailers plan to increase spending on email, social media and content marketing this holiday season.

COVID-19 strategy: Use the power of your CPG digital sell sheet

Just as LinkedIn replaced the traditional resume, digital versions of the traditional sell sheet can break out as an effective way for consumer packaged goods suppliers to attract buyers, writes Brandon Leong of RangeMe, a provider of an internet-based sourcing platform.

When to use LinkedIn—and when not—for B2B influence

Influencer marketing may be mostly a business-to-consumer marketing channel. But influence trends blogger N.G. Gordon, aka Dear Mishu Dad, shares the results of recent research on B2B influencer marketing to lay out the opportunities on LinkedIn

How microsegmenting boosts B2B conversion rates

By marketing to B2B customers in smaller segments based on a broad range of criteria—including buying behavior and aspirations as well as traditional demographics—B2B marketers can be far more successful in converting prospects into buyers, Forrester Research says in a new report.

The right data: How AI empowers forecasting for Amazon sellers

As COVID-19 drives more people to Amazon, the right mix of data and AI tools available to Amazon’s third-party sellers can determine how well they understand their customers and effectively market and sell to them, Rohan Thambrahalli of UpstartWorks writes.