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Advertising : Advertising is a key way online retailers let shoppers know about their business and drive traffic to their e-commerce site. Read about the new ad products Facebook, Google and other platforms are offering, plus how retailers are using the ads, and the results from the ads.

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Walmart pilots in-app, live-stream shopping on TikTok

TikTok's position as a social media app in the U.S. has been growing among users and retailers alike, with Walmart being the first major retailer to pilot its in-app, live-stream shopping. TikTok began offering TikTok for Business, which allows retailers to advertise and market on the platform, in June 2020.

Marketing for the 2020 holiday season

During the 2020 holiday season, retailers are focusing their marketing tactics on building brand loyalty and trying not to offer too drastic of discounts to online shoppers. Also, data shows that most marketing professionals will split their advertising spend between three channels this year, according to Adobe Analytics' holiday forecast.

Higher Amazon advertising costs are expected during peak seasons

Despite the potential for higher advertising costs on Amazon advertising during peak seasons, retailers say that the return on investment is worth it. For Perch, EazyHold and Laumière Gourmet Fruits, knowing what to expect during each season is key to running successful Amazon marketplace brands.

Shopify helps merchants tap TikTok for sales

The ecommerce platform provider will enable merchants to create and deploy shoppable, in-feed TikTok video ads from their Shopify dashboards.

How to achieve marketing nirvana in an unruly world

To survive and achieve marketing nirvana, marketers must embrace an omnichannel approach that aligns all silos into a harmonious, navigable path. By doing so, brands will create an enhanced identity, increase market share and reduce costs.

Postmates adds delivery from local retailers to its app

Starting in the Los Angeles area, a new function called "Shop" now appears in the Postmates app. A Postmates spokeswoman says the delivery service will roll out the local shopping function to other markets in the coming months.