E-commerce sales increased 25.5% year over year in November and now account for 3.47% of total retail sales in Canada.

Online retail sales in Canada increased 25.5% year over year in November, according to data released Thursday by Statistics Canada.

Canadian consumers spent C$1.83 billion (US$1.49 billion) online in November up from C$1.46 billion (US$1.18 billion) in November 2016, according to Statistics Canada. Numbers are rounded and are on an unadjusted basis.

E-commerce sales were about 3.47% of total retail sales in Canada, up from 2.97% in November 2016, and up almost a full percentage point from 2.53% of retail sales in October 2017. The 3.47% share is e-commerce’s highest proportion of sales in 2017, the agency reported.

While e-commerce sales posted a hearty year-over-year increase, total unadjusted retail sales only increased 7.1% in Canada in November 2017 from November 2016.

E-commerce sales in Canada have increased at a good clip throughout 2017. From January to July, consumer spending with Canadian online retailers increased 43.1% year over year to C$8.20 billion (US$6.55 billion), according to Statistics Canada.