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The newly launched Currents marketplace already has attracted some well-known manufacturers, including Nissan.

B2B marketplace platforms continue to launch in multiple industries. And that includes industry niches as well.

A case in point is Currents, a new niche B2B marketplace for used electric vehicle batteries. Currents is a B2B marketplace designed for buyers and sellers of retired electric vehicle batteries for:

  • Vehicle equipment original manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Second life (2L) integrators
  • Auto recyclers and dismantlers
  • Lithium recyclers

Currents B2B marketplace

The newly launched marketplace already has attracted some well-known manufacturers including Nissan.

“We’re thrilled to go to market with Nissan’s inventory and provide approved buyers with the best available second-life inventory at the fairest, most transparent pricing based on state-of-health,” says Currents CEO Anthony Garbarino. “Together with Nissan, we can maximize battery lifecycle value and provide second-life buyers with a single, trustworthy destination to solve their demand needs. Our goal is for integrators to spend less time sourcing and more time scaling.”

For now, qualified buyers can purchase Nissan batteries from qualified resellers. The company is based in Portland.


We’re creating a platform that facilitates and optimizes the end-of-life lithium supply chain to ensure that every battery is managed responsibly while maximizing their lifecycle value,” Garbarino says. “Sustainability, resource and energy independence, and modernizing supply chains are at the forefront of our business model, and we’re excited to launch our platform and drive innovation for stakeholders throughout the value chain.”

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