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Consumers plan to use AI to improve their holiday shopping, particularly chatbots and personalized recommendations.

AI is the hot topic of retail in 2023, and it could have big impacts on the holiday season. 

U.S. consumers are open to using AI to find and buy gifts this year, according to a new survey from AI contact center vendor Talkdesk. 76% of the 1,000 survey respondents say they expect to make fewer returns this year because AI will help guide their purchases. A better buying experience could even facilitate more spending overall. 52% of consumers polled said they plan to buy more this year because the experience will be more enjoyable. 

Different types of AI

Online shoppers have some familiarity with the different AI tools available to them, and they plan to make use of them this year. 

  • 88% plan to use some form of AI for holiday shopping, including chatbots and personalized recommendations from retailers.
  • 73% say they will use a chatbot like ChatGPT to find coupons and discounts.
  • 49% will use a chatbot to generate gift ideas.

Those consumers also say they’re willing to trust AI with important decisions around the holidays.

  • 40% said they would let AI choose a holiday gift for a loved one.
  • 76% of consumers wouldn’t be upset if they knew they’d been gifted an item AI had chosen.
  • 35% will use AI chatbots to write holiday messages and cards.

Tech-savvy consumers are very willing to use AI while they shop, but they also have high standards for its results.

  • 68% of online shoppers say they would lose trust in a brand if it gave them poor recommendations.
  • 53% said the experience would stop them from shopping with the retailer again.

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