The most recent online venture of the Specialties business unit of Saudi Basic Industries Corp., a globally diversified chemicals company, sells chemical products through a new storefront on the marketplace.

Saudi Basic Industries Corp. a diversified global manufacturer of chemicals and other products, is building out its ecommerce strategy.

SABIC’s Specialties business unit — which produces specialty thermoplastic resins and other materials for industries ranging from aerospace to health care and water management — recently launched a storefront on, a marketplace that hosts thousands of suppliers and distributors.


Maureen MacDonald-Stein, director, growth OEM, SABIC Specialties

“Knowde offers another online channel for our customers to quickly find SABIC Specialties’ material options that could meet their complex performance requirements,” says Maureen MacDonald-Stein, director, growth OEM, for SABIC’s Specialties.

MacDonald-Stein notes that the Knowde storefront complements her unit’s recent launch of the SABIC Material Finder website, where SABIC customers can search and compare more than 2,000 specialty resins, copolymers and compounds. In addition, SABIC lets customers get assistance with color-matching services and order sample color chips through its ColorXpress Services.


SABIC also maintains e-business portals for Specialties and other business units and their trading partners on an SAP NetWeaver Portal platform, where users can view order and invoicing details, shipment status and technical information on products.

In 2022, SABIC reported net profit of 16.53 billion Saudi riyals ($4.41 billion) on sales of SR 198.47 billion (US$52,92 billion).

Harcros Chemicals caters to online buyers

Harcros Chemicals Inc., an employee-owned chemical distribution and manufacturing company, also recently opened a Knowde storefront featuring more than 350 products for the industries including agricultural, water treatment, oil and gas, personal care, paints and coatings, and adhesives.

“Increasingly, formulators, R&D professionals, and procurement teams are searching for the products they need online,” says Jared Reigle, director of marketing for Harcros.


Knowde says that companies selling on Knowde activated more than 6,000 storefronts last year, bringing its total then to over 8,000.

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