A Q&A on where Magento is headed and the biggest opportunities for e-retailers.

More e-retailers in North America run their sites on Magento’s e-commerce platform than any other. Magento’s gone through many big changes in the two years since it spun off from eBay, including the launch of Magento 2.0, the cloud-hosted Magento Commerce, and the acquisition of several companies that extend the e-commerce platform’s capabilities, including RJ Metrics.

Magento CEO Mark Lavelle

In this episode of Digital Commerce 360 Insights, Magento CEO Mark Lavelle provides an update on these changes, shares what Magento users need to know and the long-term opportunities and priorities he sees for online retailers.

“You have to have a culture and an objective that your brand is engaged with your customers in any environment that they are in,” Lavelle says in the podcast.


Learn more about Magento in the recently published Vendors to the Top 1000 report, where the company is ranked the No. 1 most-used e-commerce platform by the 1000 largest online retailers in North America.

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