New mobile app combines live video with e-commerce.

April 13, 2017 (Charleston, SC) — The free mobile app Booster launches in the App Store today, distinguishing itself as the first live video app to focus exclusively on e-commerce. Users can buy or sell any products during live video streams, while also interact with broadcasters to learn more about the items for sale and the people who sell them. This unique blending of live video with e-commerce is reflected in the app’s tagline: “Go Live, Make Money”.

Booster’s mission is to “bring e-commerce to life” by providing a highly authentic and interactive shopping experience. The below app description conveys the features that help Booster reach its goal:

  • QUICK AND EASY: Take a picture or upload an image of any item you’re selling, type in a description, set the price, enter the quantity, and that’s it! Now you’re ready to broadcast so your viewers can seamlessly purchase items in the middle of your live stream. Replays are available for 30 days, where purchases can also be made.
  • WEB APP: There’s no need for your viewers to download the app to watch broadcasts. Simply share your live stream on social media, or invite viewers via text message. Your customers can participate through our web app, so you’ll have no problem getting lots of people to watch your broadcast.
  • INTERACTION: Viewers can submit comments and questions, while also sending stars when “liking” the broadcast. Broadcasters are equipped with moderating tools that help keep the trolls out.
  • LOW FEES: Whenever an item is sold, funds are quickly deposited into your account. Our transaction fee is lower than any other live video app (by far): just 5% + processing fees.
  • SELL ANYTHING: Feel free to sell anything you like, including art, music, crafts, clothing, electronics, store merchandise, used products, etc. And when a product is sold, you can thank the buyer during your broadcast!
  • REPORTS: Download a detailed sales report that contains all the information you need to ship your products and follow-up with your customers. Also, any organization can set up an account and add admins.
  • AFFILIATE PROGRAM: List products on your profile and allow other users to sell on your behalf. This allows brands to display merchandise and invite approved affiliates to sell the brand’s products during broadcasts.

“During our beta-testing, we discovered that broadcasters love interacting with their customers and watching purchases being made in real time,” Michael Stevens, Booster CEO, stated. “And when viewers were thanked for their purchases, the odds of them buying again increased substantially. Needless to say, we’re extremely pumped to bring Booster to the US market to help increase transparency and interaction in e-commerce.”

While popular television programs like QVC provide live buying/selling services, they traditionally cater to an older demographic and serve as the “gatekeepers” that sellers have to gain approval from. With Booster, anyone can pick up their mobile device, go live, and begin selling products to their viewers in a highly scalable format. This allows sellers to demonstrate their products, show how the products are made, and form close relationships with customers in mostly the millennial demographic. And since QVC generated almost $9 billion in revenue during 2016 alone (source), there’s strong evidence that a more accessible, streamlined solution in the form of an app would perform extraordinarily well. Booster’s initial target market is made-up of artisans, small online retail stores, entertainers, and MLM consultants.

Michael Stevens remarked, “We strongly believe that e-commerce is ripe for disruption and that customers want to become personally acquainted with the sellers they support. Booster is basically taking the QVC model and applying it to the app/e-commerce space, which allows online shopping to evolve into a live, immersive experience. And with everyone talking about the ‘retail apocalypse’ these days, we think sellers are searching for new tools that will help them foster close relationships with their customers.”


While today marks the launch of the iOS app in the US market, an Android version of Booster will be announced later this year in the US and international markets.

About Booster

Booster is an app launched by Booster TV, Inc. and provides a live, interactive shopping experience. The company was founded by Michael Stevens in 2016 and is headquartered out of the Charleston Digital Corridor in Charleston, South Carolina.