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Equifax to acquire Kount for $640 million

Fraud prevention vendor Kount uses artificial intelligence to spot fraudulent transactions on ecommerce sites. The acquisition will accelerate Kount’s global reach.

What have the top ecommerce technology vendors been up to?

And how are those vendors helping online retailers? The 2021 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 Report explores just that. It also ranks the Top 10 vendors based on their number of clients in the Digital Commerce 360 Top 1000 across 24 vendor categories, uncovers exclusive results from a Digital Commerce 360 technology survey of e-retailers and much more.

BigCommerce integrates with marketplace Wish

The integration is part of a broader update to BigCommerce’s Channel Manager tool designed to help retailers more easily sell beyond their own ecommerce sites.

A Cloudflare outage takes down Shopify sites

Web infrastructure and security company Cloudflare experienced an outage Friday evening, causing Shopify and other ecommerce sites to go down. Half of Cloudflare's network was affected. Outages can cost ecommerce retailers upwards of $10,000 per hour, according to data protection company Infrascale.

Targeting bigger business, BigCommerce files for an IPO

The provider of cloud-based ecommerce software to retail and B2B merchants filed for an initial public offering of stock Monday. Among its post-IPO growth plans: increasing the functionality of its ecommerce platform and acquiring more mid-market and large enterprise companies both in the U.S. and internationally.

How Newegg is cracking into the ecommerce services market

Newegg, which launched in 2001 as a web-only electronics retailer, has grown into the 26th-largest online retailer in North America and the 33rd-top online marketplace, according to Digital Commerce 360. Over the years, it’s adapted its strategy and is now running multiple business units. Newegg most recently started offering logistics, customer service and staffing services to other businesses.

Talking tech

Shoptalk wants to help retailers who are looking to invest in new technologies decide how to spend that money wisely, and also motivate attendees with success stories of brands and retailers effectively implementing new technologies. This article is published in the March edition of Internet Retailer Magazine.