Facebook lets consumers with streaming devices like Apple TV or Google Chromecast watch the social network’s video on their TVs with a single click.

Brands’ Facebook videos are no longer confined to consumers’ computers, tablets and smartphones. The social network has rolled out a new tool that lets consumers stream Facebook videos on their TVs via a single click.

“To give you even more ways to watch, we’re excited to roll out the ability to stream videos from Facebook to your TV—through devices like Apple TV or Google Chromecast—so you have the option to enjoy your favorite videos on a bigger screen,” writes Brent Ayrey, a Facebook product director, in a blog post.

To watch a video from Facebook on a TV, a consumer has to press the TV symbol in the top-right corner of the Facebook video, then select the web-connected device he wishes to stream the video to, such as Apple TV. While watching the video on his TV, he can scroll through his news feed on the device he’s streaming from, find more videos to watch, and if he’s streaming a Facebook Live video, he can see real-time reactions and comments on the screen and join in the conversation by reacting or commenting.

“Whether you’re hanging out with friends or just relaxing on the couch by yourself, we hope you enjoy this new way to watch videos on Facebook,” writes Ayrey.

Making it easy for a consumer to stream a Facebook video on his TV puts the onus on retailers and brands to produce compelling videos. Facebook had already been pushing brands to produce videos—particularly live videos—by stating that it ranks live videos higher than videos not recorded live in a user’s newsfeed. The justification for doing so, Facebook notes, is that consumers spend three times longer watching a Facebook Live video compared with a video that’s not recorded live. Retailers like Ranger Up, No. 989 in the Internet Retailer 2016 Second 500 Guide, have found success posting live videos to promote events when the retailer travels the country touting its products. Ranger Up CEO Nick Palmisciano recently told Internet Retailer that at any given moment during the feed, 2,000-5,000 consumers are watching the retailer’s live stream. By the end of a live stream about 30,000 consumers have tuned in at some point, with the video generating tens of thousands more views throughout the day.


For more, watch for the story “How e-retailers use Facebook Live” in the November issue of Internet Retailer magazine, available Nov. 1.