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Omnichannel : Omnichannel is a strategy of linking stores, mobile and web so that consumers shop seamlessly across all channels.

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Online holiday sales grow north of 45% in 2020

In a pandemic-fueled year, digital sales for November-December rose at more than triple the year-over-year rate for the 2019 season. More than $1 in $4 spent on retail purchases for the period came from online orders—an astounding jump in digital penetration.

Why Interior Define is bullish on opening stores in 2020 and 2021

Interior Define revamped its omnichannel strategy when the coronavirus pandemic swept the U.S. Instead of opening physical stores, the brand continues to grow a geography’s sales if it hires design specialists that are local to that city, Interior Define CEO Antonio Nieves says.

Foot traffic plummets on Black Friday

With more consumers shopping online during the 2020 holiday season, in-store foot traffic patterns decrease on keys days.