An exemplary customer experience is at the heart of successful digital commerce.

Today, shopping is more about the experience as buyers are pressed for time and look for efficiency in every aspect of their online buying, from onsite search to checkout. They have heightened expectations around customer service where instant answers that address immediate concerns are the norm. Logistics have moved into the forefront as shoppers make purchases based on convenience with same day delivery now being the norm. Ultimately, it is the complete experience with a brand that must be present to drive conversion.

These four key dynamics support experience-driven opportunities and will serve as the foundation of this e-book and work as a how to on making every experience personal and every moment shoppable.

Product Content (the nuts and bolts of the product detail page)
Category Content (supporting education and tools to augment the experience)
Shopping Cart (streamlined and efficient checkout)
Omnichannel (seamless connection between digital and physical store channels)

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