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Super Saturday falls the day before Christmas Eve this year, so most gifts will already have been purchased, but it could be a big day for grocery retailers.

Super Saturday might be slightly quieter this year than in 2022, according to a prediction from The National Retail Federation (NRF). The retail trade organization forecasts 141.9 million American consumers will shop on Dec. 23, the last Saturday before Christmas.

That’s down from the 158.5 million consumers who shopped on Super Saturday in 2022, when it fell on Dec. 17. 2022 was a record year for Super Saturday shoppers since the NRF started tracking the date in 2016. 

“Traditionally, Super Saturday marks the final major shopping holiday of the year,” the NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said in a statement. “While most consumers still have plenty of shopping left to do, retailers are prepared both online and in stores with gifts, decorations and other items that people need to make this season fun and memorable.”

The NRF’s prediction is based on a survey of 7,973 adult consumers conducted from Dec. 1-6.

Super Saturday vs. Cyber 5

Super Saturday will likely record fewer shoppers this year, a break from other major shopping holidays in 2023. A record 200.4 million U.S. consumers shopped between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, beating last year’s record of 196.7 million, per the NRF. The results surpassed the NRF’s prediction of 182 million shoppers by more than 18 million.


Super Saturday is for last-minute shoppers

Many consumers will be nearly done with their shopping this year, as Super Saturday falls the day before Christmas Eve.

“This year, Super Saturday is truly aligned for last-minute shoppers,” Prosper Insights & Analytics executive vice president of strategy Phil Rist said in a statement. “A majority of consumers also plan on purchasing their last gift in the week leading up to Christmas.” 

Neil Saunders, managing director of retail at analysis firm GlobalData, said the same.

“Super Saturday will be a busy day, but a lot of consumers seem to have shopped earlier this year,” he says. “So, for most, the day is likely to be used for last-minute gifts and quick purchases rather than a day of intense shopping.”


Due to the time crunch before Christmas, more consumers are planning to shop in stores this year.

“The day will mostly be about stores as many shoppers will be uncomfortable buying for online delivery so close to Christmas Day. I expect malls and shops to be pretty busy,” Saunders says.

53 million people (37% of Super Saturday shoppers) plan to shop exclusively in stores this year, up from 44 million last year, according to the NRF. 31 million consumers plan to shop exclusively online. The largest group, 58 million people, plan to shop through both channels.

When the NRF’s survey was conducted in early December, consumers were still on the hunt for about half (49%) of their planned holiday purchases. And Super Saturday might be the last shopping day before Christmas, but for many, it’s not the end of holiday shopping. 70% of consumers told the NRF they plan to shop the week after Christmas. Top reasons for shopping the week after Dec. 25 include taking advantage of holiday sales (48%), using gift cards (26%) and returning or exchanging unwanted items (16%).


How retailers are preparing

Some retailers make a final big push leading up to Super Saturday as consumers search for gifts at the last minute. Delivery app Instacart teamed up with some retailers to hold its first “‘Tis a Big Deal Week” between Dec. 17 and Dec. 23. Participants including Bath & Body Works, Best Buy and Lowe’s are offering 20% off $50 or more orders. The promotions could help them capture some of the last Christmas season spending. 

Because of its close proximity to Christmas this year, Super Saturday will also likely be busy for grocery retailers, Saunders says.

“Many will buy their provisions, especially fresh and perishable items, on that day,” he says.

“Super Saturday will be a big day for food and groceries, last-minute gifts such as beauty and fragrance, essentials like wrapping paper, and apparel both as gifts and self-purchases. Gift cards should also do well on the day,” Saunders expects. 


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