A new survey from Digital Commerce 360 finds 30% of back-to-school shoppers purchase the majority of those items online. Plus, 37% of back-to-school shoppers purchase more online this back-to-school season than in 2020.

Digital Commerce 360 and Bizrate Insights surveyed 1,375 online shoppers in August 2021 about their back-to-school shopping habits. Of this group, 511 respondents were back-to-school shoppers. (The remaining consumers did not have student children or did not make any school-related purchases.)

37% of back-to-school shoppers purchased more online this back-to-school season than in 2020. Overall, 77% of back-to-school shoppers did some shopping online. This includes 30% who did more than half of their shopping online. Overall, shoppers were looking for promotions, with many prioritizing free shipping. Consumers shopped with Amazon, Walmart and Target the most. But some of the hallmark challenges of 2021 also came through in the survey data, as more than a quarter (26%) of shoppers wanted a product that was out of stock and 6% said retailers canceled an order they had placed.