Denim brand Levi’s works to make its products more sustainable and encourages shoppers to repair their products or buy them used instead of purchasing more. Levi’s is among several online apparel retailers highlighting sustainable practices.

Encouraging shoppers not to buy is an unusual tactic that most merchants don’t take. But this is the gist behind iconic denim brand Levi Strauss & Co.’s recent marketing campaign “Buy Better, Wear Longer,” which encourages shoppers to wear garments longer, buy secondhand and repair items instead of buying new ones.

A Levi’s spokesperson says making quality clothing that lasts has always been part of its core values. This marketing campaign highlights those values and is an opportunity to showcase more sustainable business practices at Levi’s.

“Designing and manufacturing quality products that can be worn and loved longer is  key to addressing overconsumption and driving towards a more sustainable, less resource-intensive apparel sector,” the spokesperson says.

“We want to encourage consumers to be more intentional about their apparel choices: to wear each item longer, for example, to buy SecondHand or to use Levi’s in-store Tailor Shops to extend the life of their garments,” the spokesperson adds.

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