The newly redesigned and features new content that explains how to enroll for healthcare benefits, short videos explaining complex healthcare terms and podcasts.

An online retailer of healthcare products eligible for consumers to buy using their flexible and health savings account thinks simple is better.

Health savings accounts, or HSAs, are individual savings accounts that allow consumers to set aside tax-free dollars to purchase medical products and services.

But many consumers still find using those accounts to buy a wide range of healthcare products confusing. Thus,, which sells 4,000 healthcare products consumers can purchase using only their pretax flexible spending account or HSA dollars, has redesigned their e-commerce sites to make it easier for consumers to use.

The newly redesigned and features new content that explains how to enroll for healthcare benefits, short videos explaining complex healthcare terms and podcasts. “After nearly a decade in the space, we’ve learned that the vast majority of employees simply don’t realize how much they could save every year by enrolling in these accounts,” says CEO Jeremy Miller. “We’ve rebranded our sites to encourage a consumer journey that starts with education and tools and ends with e-commerce.”

The updated homepage has been rebuilt to take the “guess work” out of using healthcare spending accounts, Miller says. The homepage features a cleaner design that gets users faster access to eligible products and tools that can help consumers save by using a healthcare spending account, find and use eligible prescriptions and access an online learning center of related content.


“We started this company to tackle the chief problems that have affected FSA and HSA users for decades: Confusion around eligibility, deadlines and a general lack of understanding about the value of these tax-free accounts,” Miller says. “Consumers need a simple path from enrollment to shopping, and that’s what we’ve delivered.”

A part of the redesign also included expediting the checkout process to include auto-approve products based on the shopper’s healthcare spending account limits and remaining balance. Since the launch of in 2010 (and in 2015), the online retailer has offered FSA- and HSA-eligible health and wellness products, Miller says.

The redesigned sites now cater to the specialized content demands of large customer segments, including millennials and moms who visit the site frequently to research ways to stretch their healthcare dollars, Miller says.
“80% of eligible employees never sign up for their flexible spending accounts and 40% skip on health savings accounts benefits because they find the accounts too complicated, the enrollment process confusing, and spending the funds inconvenient,” the retailer says.

Today, there are 22 million consumers with a health savings account compared with just 6 million eight years ago. The payoff for is appealing to more of the 110 million consumers eligible for a savings account, especially as consumers with healthcare benefits head into the fall season for benefits enrollment. “The new websites are live in time to help account holders and millions more Americans learn how to get the most out of their tax-free health benefits,” the retailer says.

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