Exclusive Internet Retailer data, including a 5-year history of online versus total sales in the category, median conversion rates and a list of the top 5 players.

As Amazon continues to loom large over all other online retailers, specialty niche merchants continue to gain a stronger foothold with shoppers since they offer an easier way to track down products that aren’t readily available in general inventories. The category saw more than 18% growth in e-commerce last year, with a nearly 18% five-year compound growth rate. Web-only pet supply retailer Chewy Inc. saw 2016 sales balloon by 113% year over year to $901 million. PetSmart Inc., which commands only 2% of online pet food sales, announced plans to acquire the six-year-old Chewy, which accounts for 57%. Other specialty retailers such as music hubs Musician’s Friend Inc. and Sweetwater continued to climb in the Top 1000 ranks as well.

See below for a snapshot of the U.S. online specialty industry. This includes data from merchants ranked in the Internet Retailer 2017 Top 1000, including those in the following segments:

    • Baby Gear
    • Educational Products
    • Medical Supplies
    • Miscellaneous
    • Musical Instruments
    • Pet Care