The mobile app lets diabetes patients track their blood sugar, exercise and meals in one spot.

Novo Nordisk Inc. has rolled out a diabetes management and tracking mobile app called Cornerstones4Care app to allow patients to view their blood sugar, medicine, meals and activity all in one place.

Novo Nordisk is an international manufacturer of drugs and devices for treating diabetes, and specializes in developing medicines and devices used in the treatment for diabetes, hemophilia, growth hormone therapy, obesity and hormone replacement. The healthcare company signed a deal with mobile health and diabetes app developer Glooko Inc. to create this mobile health tool in January.

The iOS and Android app lets patients pair via Bluetooth or a Glooko sync cable their glucose monitors, continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps to the app, so patients can see the data from these medical devices in the app. The app is compatible with roughly 50 diabetes tracking devices and the devices do not have to be manufactured by Novo Nordisk to work, says David Moore, Novo Nordisk senior vice president of marketing. Consumers can manually input their exercise, meal and medication information into the app.

“The idea is for patients to take an active role in managing their diabetes,” Moore says. “Our patients are not able to see our physicians as often as we may like and this allows people to really see visually what’s happening in their body.”

The goal for the app is to be a tool for more patients to get their diabetes under control, Moore says. Of the roughly 30 million Americans with diabetes, less than 50% of the cases are considered under control, he says.


“We want to make it overly simple to have an active role in managing your diabetes, because we see through our Cornerstones4care website that has an impact on the outcomes,” Moore says. Novo Nordisk’s is an informational diabetes website that gives patients tips and information about exercise, diet and medicines related to diabetes. The new app also includes this information.

“This is just our first foray into the digital health space,” Moore says. “We want to empower patients with diabetes. We’ve increasingly seen that the addition of digital health solutions can lead to better outcomes.”

Moore does not have any specific usage goals, but says Novo Nordisk will track downloads and gather user feedback to improve the app and notice trends in the data. The app is also powered with IBM’s Watson machine learning algorithm, which uses artificial intelligence to notice trends and patterns in large data sets. Data from Watson will further help Novo Nordisk serve its patients, Moore says.

Although there are many diabetes tracking apps available to patients, Moore says Novo Nordisk’s app is based on its 90 years of diabetes expertise which sets it apart.

The app is free for patients to use and the Novo Nordisk is letting consumers know about via its website, the Cornerstones4Care website, paid Google search and its email list. Moore declined to disclose app development costs.