Lingerie e-retailer hopes having its New York Fashion Week designs immediately shoppable will increase sales at least 16%.

Lingerie e-retailer will showcase 47 looks in its runway show this week during the semiannual New York Fashion Week. And shoppers can buy every single one of those designs online immediately.

In the past, it typically took retailers several months to offer designs they debuted at fashion week to the public. However, recently more designers and retailers are making the looks they unveil during Fashion Week immediately available to buy online.

“Consumer demand is driving this instant gratification,” says Thom Brodeur, CEO of Yandy. “I want that look—I don’t want to wait for it to come in to the store near me.”

Yandy, which launched in 2005, generated nearly $50 million in online sales in 2016, a 25% increase from $40 million in sales in 2015, Brodeur says. The retailer is both a marketplace and sells its own products.

This is the second time Yandy has made its New York Fashion Week designs immediately shoppable. The e-retailer had a Halloween Costume runway show during the September edition of New York Fashion Week, which increased the retailer’s revenue 16% and website traffic 29.8%, compared with the previous year. This year, the retailer expects similar or better sales and traffic results, Brodeur says.


To promote its see-now-buy-now designs, Yandy will make an announcement at the beginning of its runway show that all of the looks are available to buy on its site. The retailer will have banners on its home page about New York Fashion Week, which will direct shoppers to a landing page with all of the runway looks. The page will showcase the looks the models wore on the runway, in the order the models walked, Brodeur says.

Yandy also will stream the event on Facebook Live. Facebook Live is the social network’s live broadcasting tool that lets users—including brands and individuals—stream videos in real time to anyone who follows them. The live video allows consumers who are not in New York City to watch the runway show in real time and buy the looks, Brodeur says. Consumers also can leave comments on the video, which will give the retailer instant feedback on the designs, he says.

“Our primary goal is to bring them along on this journey with us and hopefully we’ll learn other things,” Brodeur says.

Because Yandy only sells its products online via its own site, it was not difficult to make the designs immediately available for purchase, Brodeur says. Yandy is showcasing 39 swimwear and eight lingerie designs in the runway show. Lingerie is not a seasonal product, so Brodeur is not concerned shoppers will hesitate to buy it. Even though it’s February, many consumers will still want to buy swimsuits because vacations occur all year long, he says.