Mobile app sales are cleared for takeoff at private jet booking app Skyjet.

Skyjet launched its first-ever app eight months ago, but the original app didn’t allow consumers to instantly complete a booking. The iPhone-only app was a tool for consumers to search for a private aircraft and receive price estimates for various jets. If the consumer expressed interest, the booking company would provide the quote in app or call the shopper in about an hour with a price quote and provide details on the available aircraft, says Greg Richman, president of Skyjet.

This week, Skyjet announced its relaunched iPhone app that enables jet-setters to immediately book an aircraft and check out, Richman says.

Since the first app’s launch in August 2015 Skyjet has amassed 15,000 downloads, and the app typically generates 1,000 quote requests per week, Richman says.

Skyjet doesn’t own private jets, but acts as the liaison to find available private jets for travelers to book. There are thousands of individually owned private charters, Richman says. This is the reason it previously took Skyjet an hour on average to nail down a firm price quote on a specific jet.


The new instant booking app circumvents the delay by offering access to a private fleet of jets. Skyjet has signed contracts with a subset of owners of the larger private jet market. This way, Skyjet has an easier time coordinating schedules with the aircraft owners, doesn’t have to compete with other private jet booking companies for these jets and can instantly provide a price quote for a specific jet, Richman says. He would not reveal how many jets are available in the instant booking app.

Since the exclusive fleet doesn’t include every type of aircraft, if a shopper is not pleased with the quoted aircraft, she can request a different kind and Skyjet will find that type in the larger market. This will take about an hour, Richman says.

Instant booking is only available in the app, and the company is working on rolling this out to its website, Richman says. On the website, after a consumer requests a price quote, it still takes Skyjet about an hour to get back to the consumer with the quote.

It takes travelers three steps to complete checkout in the new app, Richman says, compared to five before with the app and hour wait model. If a consumer uses the mobile checkout button Apple Pay, the process can take less than 30 seconds. Without using Apple Pay it takes consumers about a minute and a half to search for a plane and check out.


Despite aiming to make the app fast and convenient Richman is unsure if booking in app will take off. Many of Skyjet’s customers like to call the company and talk about the aircraft, even after they’ve received an online quote, Richman says. So whether a shopper will actually book in app or still call is hard to predict, he says.

A private charter starts between $5,000 and $9,000 per hour, and there typically is a two-hour minimum, Richman says. Skyjet makes its money by collecting a fee from the jet owner for each booking.

The updated app took about a month to develop. Skyjet worked with mobile app builder ArcTouch, the company that also built the first version of Skyjet’s app. Richman would not disclose how much the new version of the app cost.

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