Dr. Steve Ommen has spent his entire career at Mayo Clinic. As medical director of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Connected Care, Ommen works in an industry in which red tape, legal regulations and siloed departments all present obstacles to technology innovation. Today about 60% of the traffic to the Mayo Clinic website and all of its various web programs comes from desktops and 40% from mobile devices. In two years, however, Ommen expects those numbers to flip, with 60% of traffic stemming from mobile devices.

The editors of Mobile Strategies 360 picked Ommen’s brain on his company’s mobile achievements, the mobile initiatives he is currently working on and the mobile trends on his radar. We also asked for tips on how to get the biggest return on mobile investments.

Q: What is the biggest mistake you have made in your mobile strategy over the years? What happened and how did you recover?

A: Before the creation of the mobile team in Connected Care, the vast majority of our apps were developed as single solutions, or one-offs. This led to a number of uncoordinated, sometime duplicative products. We recognize that going forward we need a platform that is scalable and leverages feature sets that are common across a variety of clinical needs. This will allow us to be implementing and adapting to new use cases rather than creating new solutions for each clinical team.

Q: What mobile trend or trends are you keeping your eye on for 2016 and why?


A: Because mobile healthcare is so relatively new, we not only need to learn how to engage patients, but we also try to watch what’s going on in other industries with more mature mobile solutions to see what might translate into what we hope to achieve.   


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