No texting, no clicking, no calling.

Football fans who don’t want to miss any of the action on Super Bowl Sunday can now order Domino’s pizza and other eats from the restaurant by simply asking Amazon Echo’s Alexa.

Domino’s says it expects to sell more than 12 million pizza slices nationwide on game day—about five times more than on a typical Sunday. And now, a Domino’s customer can track any order, as well as place his most recent order or an order he has saved in his Domino’s, using Amazon Inc.’s Echo on Super Bowl Sunday or any other day.

Amazon’s Echo is a voice-activated speaker that plays music, answers questions and controls other hardware.

In order to place an order, customers must enable the Domino’s skill—a new command capability developed for the Echo and added to on an ongoing basis by a community of developers—within the Amazon Alexa app by linking their Amazon Alexa account to their Domino’s Pizza Profile. A skill is a term for a  new ability programmed for the Echo. To track their order, Domino’s customers enter the phone number associated with the order and Alexa will provide its current status.


“We want to continue making ordering pizza as convenient as possible, and this is no exception,” says Dennis Maloney, vice president and chief digital officer for Domino’s Pizza. “Customers can order from anywhere they are, including from the comfort of their couch while watching Sunday’s football game. Domino’s is the first in the pizza and quick-service restaurant industries to have an Amazon Alexa skill.”

Dominos has been at the forefront of digital ordering with its Domino’s Anyware program which allows consumers to order a pie or other items via text, tweet, smart TV, car, smart watch and now voice.

For example, a hungry consumer can tweet @Domino’s the pizza emoji or the hashtag #EasyOrder to place an order he has saved in his Domino’s account.

“The magic of ordering pizza without lifting a finger and just using your voice is now a reality with Alexa and Domino’s,” says Rob Pulciani, director, Amazon Alexa. “We’ve made it easy for companies like Domino’s to use the Alexa Skills Kit to create more natural, intuitive ways for customers to interact with their services.”


Domino’s wants to capitalize on one of its busiest annual sales day to make ordering easier for hungry game watchers. Football’s final Sunday is one of the busiest delivery days of the year for Domino’s in the U.S. The restaurant says it expects to sell more than four million chicken wings nationwide on game day and says its delivery drivers will cover the equivalent of more than 700 round trips from Denver to Charlotte—a more than 25% increase over a typical Sunday. During last year’s Super Bowl, Domino’s delivered enough pizzas to stretch across more than 4,200 football fields. While both Denver and Charlotte Domino’s stores will see high sales at the beginning of the game, the city of the winning team will likely see higher sales at the end of the night, Dominos says.

While fans watching the big game from the couch can order pizza without lifting a finger, those venturing out around Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., the host of Super Bowl 50, during game-week events can use a different mobile technology to find parking.

This week, Parking Panda announced it is working with the San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee to help football fans driving to the public fan village in downtown San Francisco find parking. The app enables drivers to purchase parking from garage operators. Drivers can go online or use the app to search, reserve, and pay for a spot at nearby parking garages and lots.

“Event-goers don’t have to worry anymore about where to park or how much they’re going to pay,” says Parking Panda CEO and co-founder Nick Miller. “Because of our partnerships with surrounding garage operators in downtown San Francisco, those attending game week events will get access to the best parking locations.


Through Parking Panda’s system and integration with San Francisco parking operators customers will be able to view all partner parking facilities on an interactive map and see prices, distance, and availability. After a driver reserves her spot, she can access her parking pass through the mobile app or via email.

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