With swimsuits priced in the hundreds, Swimwear Boutique gets sales help from a new video merchandising system.

With its high-fashion designer swimsuits sporting price tags in the hundreds of dollars, Swimwear Boutique finds its online video merchandising system from Invodo helps its customers dive into purchases.

“Videos have helped close our sales and push sales from a maybe to a yes,” says Swimwear Boutique vice president Nancy Jenkins.

Swimwear Boutique deployed a test of the Invodo online Smart Video Merchandising system in the spring of this year and, in its own survey of online shoppers on its site, found that 90% of them said the videos helped them make a decision to purchase a swimsuit, Jenkins says. “We have seen nice sales from the products featured in videos,” she says.

Invodo provides a comprehensive service, including shooting of videos of models wearing Swimwear Boutiques products and providing a video management system for deploying the videos online. Swimwear, which sells thousands of swimsuits in more than 1,000 styles, started out with about 120 videos, each featuring a different style. It now plans to produce videos for each of its styles, or more than 1,000 videos in all, Jenkins says.

In addition to featuring videos on individual product pages, Swimwear Boutique also uses the Invodo system to present all of its product videos in a designated Video Gallery, where shoppers can browse among only the products featured in videos.


The retailer, which built and maintains its e-commerce platform in-house, also built its own pop-up Video Review survey form, which appears next to each video. The form, which requires a user to enter her e-mail address, asks visitors to rate on a scale of one to four stars how easy the video was easy to find, and if it helped to make a purchase decision. In hundreds of responses, about 90% gave three or four stars to each question, Jenkins says.