Rather than integrate women's undergarments that are much more risqu than those carried on BareNecessities.com, the e-retailer has launched a new site, Lingerie.com. This way, women looking for sexier items have their own destination, the company says.

BareNecessities.com offers women’s undergarments that meet the, well, bare necessities of women. The products are, for the most part, what women wear every day at home and work. This summer, executives at Bare Necessities decided they wanted to add a large number of undergarments that are, well, not something women wear every day. Items that are sexier.

There are different sensibilities in play when women shop for bras and panties for everyday living versus something more risqu, says Dan Sackrowitz, vice president of marketing and business development at Bare Necessities, No. 207 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide.

So rather than integrate the risqu with the everyday, the e-retailer has launched a new site, Lingerie.com.

The product assortment is so different that it just doesn’t make sense on BareNecessities.com, Sackrowitz explains. We already have a challenge in that we have moderately priced everyday brands and very expensive luxury brands. So we’ve been tackling this challenge on our flagship site of marketing to two different kinds of customers looking for different price points with different sensibilities. Having to throw a completely different sensibility into the mix would have been too difficult.

Sackrowitz compares the new strategy to that of Gap, which operates various stores, such as Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy, that address different types of customers looking for different apparel at different price points. He adds that there won’t be a single product a shopper can find on both BareNecessities.com and Lingerie.com.


We’ve been in the lingerie business for a long time and we know how much demand there is for sexier lingerie, he says. We also know it’s a great category for online because many women feel less comfortable in such a store, if they even know where a specialty store for sexy lingerie is. This is a great product category for the Internet.