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We provide the value of connection by matching customers with brands, marketers with results and influencers with added revenue.


Pepperjam provides a suite of affiliate marketing technology for brands, publishers, and agencies. The firm offers retailers marketing services that use social media, search engines, affiliates, display ads and retargeting. Pepperjam owns propriety technology for use by affiliate marketing agencies, featuring online sales attribution from advertising, affiliate payments, and daily reporting. Pepperjam also offers a network of publishers and influencers that retailers can partner with to promote their brand and grow their business.


7 South Main Street #301 Wilkes-Barre PA 18701


2015 (previously operated as eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions)


  • Digital Marketing

Products & Services

  • Marketing

Typical Pricing

Pepperjam offers three customizeable service levels.


  • PUMA
  • Philosophy
  • Legal Zoom
  • Shutterfly

Merger & Acquisitions

  • Pepperjam (1999, launched Pepperjam Network in 2008)
  • GSI Commerce (Aquired in 2009)
  • ebay Enterprise Marketing Solutions (Aquired by ebay in 2011)
  • Pepperjam (2015)

Partnerships & Certifications

  • Magento
  • Revtrax
  • Oplytic
  • GoDataFeed
  • Woo Commerce


  • Matt Gilbert
  • Tara Siegel, Senior Director, Marketing
  • Greg Shepard, Chief Technology Officer